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If you dream of a life where you can escape from all the pollution, where you breathe in clean air and feel being connected to nature, a place of yours which uses resources smartly and sustainably, then you can cheer up! To turn your beautiful dream into reality, the experts are here at your service: GE3S. We help you build your places greener; we are the Green building Consultancy, putting sustainability into practice. Well green building is a well-known concept of following practices and methods during construction and development of building keeping the sustainability into main focus. We research, do surveys and prepare customized solutions for your green building as your perfect Green Building Consultant.

As your Green Building Consulting partner, we do it all for you. From detailed gathering of your requirements, conducting product researches to surveys and cultivation of best solution for you, we assist you in every step till you get what you want and wished for. Check out our complete set of services:

  • Solar Consultancy
  • Waste Management consultancy
  • Green Building Consultancy
  • Environmental Consultancy
  • Health and Safety Consultancy
  • Energy Design Consultancy
  • Energy Auditing Services

There is a lot more.

There is so much to get when you opt for green building living. First of all there is environmental benefit. When you live in green building, with our smart resource usage and recycling systems you considerably reduce pressure on natural resources. Secondly, there is economic benefit. When our sustainability practices are well-and-early incorporated into your design, you get reduced maintenance and replacement cost as a result. And thirdly, there is social benefit. With improved light and fresher air, your environment automatically upgrades, improving overall productivity of your employees and happier home mood.

So think smarter, build greener with GE3S. Reach us at:


Grow Greener with Best Expert Assistance for Your Business with GE3S



Whether you need assistance for engineering design of your industry in UAE or expert consultancy for your new solar project, GE3S is here to help you. We are green building consultancy provide various services including Engineering Design Consultancy and Solar Consultancy, transforming your business into more environment friendly and greener one. With our strong and team of field experts guiding you through every step, your business management don’t just get easier and faster but more efficient, nature friendly and economic as well.

If you are expanding your industry, then there is complete set of engineering design services helping your business grow bigger and greener. Be it feasibility studies, front-end engineering design (FEED) or detailed engineering, as your Engineering Design Consultancy, we guide and assist you through each and every step. Engineering services especially for onshore and offshore oil and gas industries includes:

  • Onshore Field Development
  • Offshore Production Platforms
  • Floating Production Systems
  • Separation systems
  • Treatment Systems
  • Storage Facilities
  • Reinjection and Dosing systems

And many more.

Solar energy is the ultimate motivation for conversion into more sustainable present. Our solar energy consultants are expert in solar energy policies. We at GE3S work hard to help you make smartest use of this strongest renewable energy resource. From site assessment to successful project commencement, we provide complete range of services:

  • Site selection
  • Feasibility studies
  • Solar Radiation Assessment Study
  • Solar Roof top PV Projects Implementation
  • Design Consulting
  • Solar project approvals
  • Operation & Maintenance Services

And many more solar consultancy services like assistance in REC Accreditation, registration & Issuance, construction of transmission line & switchyard and implementation of MW scale projects.

So take the right step and get yourself best experts and perfect assistance for your business. Come with GE3S and grow greener. Reach us at:

Turn Your Dream of Happy and Sustainable Living into Reality with

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Wouldn’t it be great if you new home, your new business place is one which is nature-friendly, economical,  uses natural resources wisely in sustainable manner and takes care of you and nature simultaneously? Well to transform this dream of happy, sustainable and eco-friendly living, there exists a concept: Green Building. Green building is approach where task construction and development is carried in sustainable manner. Green building is today’s smart way of building. To achieve this, the important question is which techniques to follow, what research to? Ge3s is here to assist and guide you through the process of your green building from starting to completion of your green building. We are the Green building Consultancy which you are looking for. You can leave all your worries to us, our expert team will take care of it completely.

Estidama is means “sustainability” in Arabic that is, living today while ensuring sustainability of healthy life of future species. It involves usage and replenishment of the natural resources we use to ensure their availability to our future human descendants. We are the Estidma Consultant who understands you, your needs, your demands and priorities. We are not connected to builders or constructors, we are connected to you. We research, survey and assist you in development of your green building as your Green Building Consultant, work behalf of you.

 We provide complete set of consulting services to help you at every step:

  • Green Building Consultancy
  • Environmental Consultancy
  • Solar Consultancy
  • Waste Management consultancy
  • Energy Design Consultancy
  • Energy Auditing Services
  • Health and Safety Consultancy

And more.

Our services, our team’s experience and expertise, our sync with latest technologies and working practices makes us your perfect choice for Estidama Consultancy. Combination of our expert advisory and assessment with your ideas can turn your dream of happy, beautiful, economical and sustainable living into reality. We understand the practicality and technicality running in this field plus we listen and understand your need and demands, this gives us an edge and enables us to use our experience and expertise to help you build your dream, exactly as you want it.

So take a step towards happy living and contribute in making this world a better place, help in leaving a healthy and happy world for your children. Consult and experience the satisfaction and joy of living in fresher air and purer light. Read more:

Do Your Green Building with Best Environmental Consultancy: Ge3s.Org

Need an Estidama Consultancy which can guide you through the complete process of green building? Which can give you advice you can trust?  Then you must check out at once, because it is the place where your search ends. We at GE3s provide consulting solution across the globe to help people, groups and organizations in making this world a better place by adopting sustainable development. With our experienced strong team, and U.S certified contractors we help you to achieve sustainable, comfortable and efficient living. You get your best advice here, we understand your needs, identify best options of products for your project and let you choose your best product and services and we help you to achieve it with our expertise. We not just offer you advice, we go along you the whole way to help you adopt it best.  Estidama i.e. sustainability is our focus, we work to contribute in achievement of dream of sustainable future and happy present.


We provide many services to put sustainability into practice in most of the fields. Our services include Energy auditing services, Environmental consultancy, Waste management consultancy, Solar consultancy, Green building consultancy, Energy design consultancy, Environmental monitoring, Health and safety consultancy and many more.

Solar energy is the strongest source of inspiration for transition into sustainable present. And we are working actively to make maximum use of this ultimate renewable source of energy:

  • We have a strong team of solar energy experts and consultants helping you harness solar energy efficiently.
  • We have been engaged in MW scale utility solar PV projects along with decentralized roof-top, community level projects.
  • We have also designed solar PV capacities for pumping and purification of water, telecom towers, railways, etc.
  • We help you select potential site which includes site feasibility study (Roof Assessment, Dust level study & Electrical System Study)
  • We provide Solar Radiation Assessment Study and Technology feasibility study,


There is so much more.

For turning your dream of sustainable living into reality, come with your perfect partners, GE3S. With us you save money by saving energy and hence reducing your power bills. If you want to start new business project, we will guide and help you in various phases of green building. If you are building your new home, we will assist you in making it more comfortable, energy-efficient, beautiful and sustainable. We are not just expert and professional but also passionate, honest, dependable and are always improving.  So stop waiting and start your green building for greener earth with us. Reach us at: