Make Your Palace Cleaner and Earth Greener With Your Best Waste Management Consultancy: GE3S


In the area of Green Building one of the most important factors to be dealt with is: waste. To support sustainable living you need to smartly implement waste management techniques. And to do it efficiently, you need help of an efficient Waste Management Consultant. To keep your place clean, beautiful and healthy one of the basic need is of taking care of your waste properly, from its creation, transportation to final disposal. Well you can leave all your worries as GE3S is here to help you out expertly. Be it home waste, organic waste, industrial waste or organic waste: the type of waste is not an issue with us, whatever category of waste it is that you want to take best assistance for its management for, GE3S is happy to help!

We provide the services of Waste Management Consultancy for both hazardous and non-hazardous waste expertly, with the support of our team of experienced experts and energetic members. We have experience of working for companies of all industries and have taken care of waste management in their multiple facilities. We assist you completely throughout the complete process of waste management, from site and feasibility study, detailed design to development of best waste treatment mechanism for you, we do it all. We treat soil, contaminated industrial waste and waste waters.

We offer just the perfect services, have a look:

  • Waste characterization studies and Feasibility Study
  • Consultancy services for development of Medical Waste Management system, Waste Reduction Reports and Waste Management Plan.
  • Construction and Demolition Waste Management Plan (CDWMP)
  • Operational Waste Management Plan (OWMP)
  • Integrated Solid Waste Management
  • Waste stream analysis
  • Hazardous materials inventory

Our specialized and personalized way of working in every step of waste management and maintaining a high standard of quality and safety is what makes us one of the best and well-known green building consultancies. So stop searching for your perfect waste management consultancy: its right here at GE3S.

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Your Perfect Solar Consultancy Is Here At Ge3s.Org


Sun is the ultimate source of energy. In the matter of sustainable living and development, this ultimate renewable energy resource is the most important one. By harnessing the power of the solar energy properly, almost all of our energy needs can be fulfilled efficiently. To make efficient use of this energy you need expert support and a good Solar Consultancy. GE3S brings to you the proficiency in solar energy consultation across the globe. Having a strong team of solar energy experts, analyst and consultants and unrivaled insights into solar energy harnessing techniques and implementation policies, GE3S makes one of the best Solar Consultancy.

We provide complete collection of services to you, starting from site assessment through to the successful completion of your project. Our team has been occupied in MW scale utility solar PV projects as well as smaller, decentralized roof-top, community level projects. We have also assisted and designed solar PV capacities for processes like water pumping, water purification, telecom towers, railways, etc.

Our Solar Energy Consulting Services are:

  • Site selection
  • Feasibility study
  • Technology feasibility Study including due diligence & curve testing
  • Solar Radiation Assessment Study
  • Technical Support in supplier selection
  • Liasioning & approvals for solar project
  • Design & Civil Construction
  • Design & installation of solar panels
  • Underground cabling

Along with these services, GE3S also provides services of transmission line construction & switchyard, MW scale projects Implementation based on PPA mode, third party sale, REC based & captive power plant. We offer operation & maintenance services and assistance in REC Accreditation, registration & Issuance as well. Also, we combine finance, technology and policy such as RE integration, Storage, technical standards for project implementation, development of PPP models etc.

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Manage Your Waste Smartly With the Experts: GE3S


Waste management is one of the key aspects needed to be taken proper care of, when it comes to green building and sustainable living. You can keep a place clean and healthy only when you manage your waste smartly. Whether its home waste, industrial waste or organic waste: we take care of each type to help you in living and working in a better place, taking care of our nature. So if you are searching for your best Waste Management Consultant, then you can end your search at GE3S. We offer our customers the management of their hazardous and non-hazardous waste backed by the experience of our work in multiple facilities belonging to companies of all industries. We are known for our personalized and specialized way throughout the process of waste management. This coupled with the fact of management and treatment facilities allows us to run economically competitive services while maintaining a high standard of quality and safety.

In the area of Environmental Consulting, we as Waste Management Consultancy, study, design and develop processes and technologies for treating waste, soil, contaminated industrial and waste waters. We provide complete set of best waste management services, from feasibility studies to detailed engineering of selected optimal process, we ye do it all for you:

  • Expert Feasibility Study
  • Waste characterization studies
  • Consultancy services for development of:
    • Medical Waste Management system
    • Waste Reduction Reports
    • Waste Management Plan
    • Construction and Demolition Waste Management Plan (CDWMP)
    • Operational Waste Management Plan (OWMP)
  • Integrated Solid Waste Management
  • Waste stream analysis
  • Hazardous materials inventory

With all these expert professional services a central part of the projects we work on is working hard for providing strong innovative and “tailored solution”. We respond to technically complex and/or individuals’ needs, improving or adding alternatives for better efficiency and profitability technologies in the current market. We work to ensure the proper management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste by transfer of ownership to an authorized manager, optimizing and reducing the costs of such management.

So manage your waste smartly with the experts pro and help make your business cleaner and our earth greener. Consult GE3S and leave your worries to it. Read more at: